Are your products Vegan?

The following products may not qualify as vegan:

Collagen Recovery Complex has Collagen from animals.

Omega 6 Healing Cream & Transdermal C Serum have cholesterol fatty esters from animals.

Are Truth Treatment products Cruelty-Free?

Yes, we are cruelty-free - no animals are harmed or tested on. However, our Collagen Recovery Complex has Collagen from animals and Omega 6 Healing Cream & Transdermal C Serum have cholesterol fatty esters from animals

Are Truth Treatment products and supplements safe during pregnancy?

All Truth products are safe to use during pregnancy. With that being said, wunderstand that there may be various medical conditions or prescribed medications that may not be suitable for taking certain supplements. Thus for any health concerns about taking supplements, using retinol or if you're currently taking prescribed medications, or have current conditions monitored by a physician, we recommend checking with your doctor. Your health is our primary concern.  

Do Truth Treatment products have expiration dates? 

All Truth Treatment Systems are guaranteed to retain potency for 24 months after purchase with the exception of Truth Treatment Systems Retinol Gels which are guaranteed to retain potency for 12 months after purchase.

Are there any Before and After pictures? 

Yes! Head over to truthbeforeandafter.com to check them out. 

Why is my Retinol a liquid upon arrival?

It sounds like your Truth Retinol Gel got exposed to extreme heat.

The texture of the product may change because of this, but the efficacy of the product will not be affected. You can keep your Retinol in the fridge and it will solidify again but it is not necessary you can still use the retinol just as effectively with its current consistency.

I had a reaction, how can I return my products?

You can review our policy here: 


If you still wish to return your products you may send them back to: 

Truth Treatments
Attn: Returns
2240 Curtis Street

Denver, CO 80205

When will I receive my package? 

Per our Standard Shipping Policy, please allow 3-5 business days to process an order and 7-10 business days for an order to arrive after it has been shipped. 

Per our FedEx Express Shipping Policy, please allow 1-3 business days for an order to process and 5-7 business days for your order to arrive after it has been shipped.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally from our website Truthtreatments.com, shipping internationally costs $25 (Standard Shipping) plus customs duties and taxes. Customs duties and taxes vary per country so you may have to look into that before buying. We suggest looking over the shipping policy for international shipping before you purchase. Here is a link for FedEx customs duties and taxes to help you understand what the cost could be: https://ask.fedex.com/help/en-gb/account-payments/dutytax-calculations.

How do I get my rewards points? 

There is no need to enroll in the Loyalty Program, it is already done for you! All orders on January 1, 2021, and on are qualifying orders and received points. You can see your points on the website, there will be a "Truth Rewards" button on our navigation bar.

How long will your products last? 

These times are approximate and depend on the frequency of use.

Transdermal C Serum:

3.5 ml: 30 days
5 ml: 2 months
10 ml: 3 months

30 ml: 5-6 months 

Transdermal C Balm:

15 ml: 3-6 months

50 ml: 8-9 months 

Biomimetic Mineral Mist: 

5 ml: about a week
30 ml: 30 days (2 sprays twice a day)

100 ml: 3-4 months 

Hyaluronic Mineral Hydrator:

5 ml: 2 weeks

30ml: 3 months 

Omega 6 Healing Cream:

15 ml: 3-6 months 

30 ml: 8-9 months 

Retinol (1% and 5%):

15 ml: 9 months 

30 ml: 15 months