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Treat all Skin Health Issues from the Inside

Skin conditions can be a real bummer. And, to make matters worse, the topical products we rely on to treat these conditions, rarely do. That's because, like the liver, kidney, spleen, intestine and other bodily systems, the skin is a fully fledged organ and while it appears to be located on the outside, it's deeper layers are actually part of the body’s internal environment.

And, that's why it’s critical to address and treat all skin health issues from the inside!

This is especially important for addressing acneic skin. For my blemish-prone patients, I first assess nutritional deficiencies as well as food allergies and intolerances. To put it simply: Either something is missing from their diet or something is getting into the body that shouldn’t be there.

So, in addition to a strategic topical skin care regimen, an effective acne treatment protocol begins with a food intake analysis which may include an elimination diet to determine what could be causing the reaction. Then, add in nutritional support, including: EFA’s, Vitamins A, B Complex, Vitamin B5, Copper, Vitamin E, Selenium, NAC and Zinc.

No one has to suffer from acne! By using quality nutrients, correcting digestive issues and eliminating problematic foods and the intelligent use of topical formulations the condition will resolve leaving skin glowing, complexion clear and zit-free and the scourge of acne will disappear never to rear it's unhealthy face again...

…..and, that’s the Truth!
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