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Vita Mask

Vita Mask

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This lipid-rich mask contains a blend of essential Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Nourishes and deeply moisturizes dry, aging, depleted skin types. Bentonite clay detoxifies and energizes skin. Oat extracts soothe and reduce inflammation.

Size: 1oz | 30ml

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-aging: Provides a high dose of vitamins to replenish skin with important antioxidants
  • Moisturizing: Infuses skin with a blend of lipid-rich fatty acids
  • Detoxifying:  Energizes and detoxifies dull, congested skin with bentonite clay
  • Soothing: Decreases inflammation with natural anti-inflammatories

Dispense a quarter-sized amount and apply a thin layer to freshly cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove. Follow up with your Truth Treatment Systems regimen.

Safflower Oleosomes, Bentonite, Vegetable Squalane, Oat Avenanthramides, Beta Sitosterol, Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Retinyl Palmitate, (Vitamin A), Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D), Phytonadione (Vitamin K), Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Lavender Essential Oil, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Mono and Diglycerides, Bixa Orellana Leaf Extract, Jacaranda Mimosifolia Flower Extract, Deoxyribonuclease, Glucose Oxidase, Melatonin.

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