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Total Skin Health Regimen.

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We're bringing you all our essentials in one special Holidays Set!

This skin health care set is designed to offer you a powerful anti-aging routine. Give yourself and your family and friends the gift of Truth Treatment Systems this holiday season!

Happy Holidays from Truth Treatment Systems!

Truth Treatment Systems Holidays Set Includes

  • Routine Enhancing Retinol Serum 10ml
  • AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator 30ml
  • Transdermal C Balm 15ml
  • Biomimetic Mineral Mist 30ml
  • Cotton Pads
  • Beauty Bag


Routine Enhancing Retinol Serum (10ml)
Enhance your Truth Treatment Systems routine with this anti-aging & anti-blemish skin refiner. Made for your daily routine. Formulated to assist in the removal of dead skin cells, reducing pores, fading of discoloration and smoothing of fine lines. You will give your skin the support it needs.: anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-age spots. Day or night routine.

AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator (30ml).
Energize and stimulate skin with this low pH, alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant, which effectively removes pore-clogging impurities and dead skin cells. AHAs stimulate skin to produce collagen, elastin, and natural moisture factors. With an intelligent blend of fruit acids, and Polyelectrolytes helps fade dark spots, improves texture, enhances skin tone, and energizes the skin, all while revealing bright glowing firmer skin.

Transdermal C Balm (15 ml).
Reduce ageing signs while you sleep, to wake up with a better looking, healthy and young skin. This rich and strongly moisturizing balm provides lipophilic Vitamin C, to effectively penetrate deep into the dermis and work at the cellular level to reverse damage and boost collagen and Natural Moisture Factor production. Night routine. 

Biomimetic Mineral Mist (30ml).
Is a 100% active hydrating mist that contains a potent fulvic mineral solution for proven anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant effects. This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves. 

Cotton Pads.
Soft and gentle, non-fleecing, all-purpose product. Specially made for your needs. Ideal for cosmetic, baby and family care.

Beauty Bag.
Never leave the Truth behind! Carry your skincare essentials from Truth Treatment Systems on the go in our convenient and stylish bag.



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